Join Us for our New Webinar: Making Sense of the New Omnichannel

July 10, 2019

We are excited to announce our new NorthStar Academy Webinar: Making Sense of the New Omnichannel


For the past 25 years the industry has discussed “online” or “digital media” as being distinct from media as a whole. The same with ecommerce vs. retail in general.  But the reality is that all media can now be digitally delivered and commerce can take place anywhere.  It’s made measurement and ROI analysis that much tougher. In the recent ROI Genome Report, Analytic Partners did a deep dive on all things omnichannel and came up with some surprising findings. Would you believe that ads on Amazon actually have more impact OFF that platform? That in the midst of what some have called a “retail apocalypse” new store opening are driving sales in ALL channels?


To explain our findings and show you how to apply them to your business, we are hosting our first webinar with our ROI Genome lead: Mike Menkes, Analytic Partners SVP on August 1 from 12 to 1 PM ET. Register now


Over the past nearly two decades Analytic Partners has been compiling not just benchmarks but insights into the “why” of what we are seeing with omnichannel. Mike will go through a series of case studies that shows how offline drives impact to online channels while techniques like search can be highly effective at driving bricks & mortar commerce.


He will be answering common questions posed by our clients about how to balance online and offline marketing presence, how to appropriately measure spend on a platform like Amazon and how to assess the value of a retail presence.


The webinar is designed to be an informative session where all participants will increase their knowledge of analytics best practices. It is being presented by NorthStar Academy, Analytic Partners learning platform and enablement team that educates and empowers businesses in how to fully integrate analytics across an organization.


Register now as slots are limited. Looking forward to seeing you there!