New Webinar: Staying Ahead of Emerging Media

January 2, 2020

We are excited to announce our new NorthStar Academy Webinar: Staying Ahead of Emerging Media


The media landscape continues to evolve rapidly. Over the last few years, we’ve seen the rise of new and emerging media which claim to challenge the stronghold of existing media channels by better reflecting changing viewing and consumption behavior and/or by giving media buyers and the brands they represent the ability to target consumers in new ways. But are these emerging media channels living up to the hype?


We took a deep dive into answering that question in our latest ROI Genome Intelligence Report: Staying Ahead of Emerging Media.


Understanding where and how to invest in emerging media is a critical piece of the strategic puzzle across brands and industries. In this webinar, Mike will go through a series of case studies demonstrating the initial trends we’ve seen across channels like addressable TV, streaming audio and others.


He will be answering questions like: How does emerging video advertising stack up against linear TV? Is there a way to make the most out of the podcast hype? How does influencer marketing compare to traditional public relations?


The webinar is designed as an informative session where all participants will increase their knowledge of best practices and emerging media trends. It is being presented by NorthStar Academy, Analytic Partners’ learning platform and enablement team dedicated to educating and empowering businesses to fully integrate analytics across organizations.

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