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AP in the News: Don’t Panic – Adapt to Strengthen Your Brand for a Recession

April 8, 2020

As seen on adage.com:


Panic, evolutionarily speaking, serves a vital purpose. It is part of the flight-or-fight response. If you are in imminent danger, your stress-response hormones kick into action and your higher-level thinking is put on pause while your body produces a rush of adrenaline to either face the danger or run away from it. This instinct was invaluable when our ancestors were running from saber-toothed tigers, but in our modern world it may hinder more than help.


COVID-19 is driving panic throughout our societies and economic systems. Just two words illustrate the depth and breadth of this panic: toilet paper. The virus is insidious, invisible and deadly, and that extends the period of panic, making people act impulsively and sometimes even illogically. Toilet paper is not going to save you if you are exposed to the virus. Even if you envision a virus-induced “Mad Max” world developing, logic will tell you to stock up on canned goods, Spam, energy bars and beans—not toilet paper.


While panic has its place as a human stress response, extended panic prevents you from seeing the big picture. This is especially true for marketing and advertising, which are strategies and tactics that you execute today in order to achieve positive results in the short and longer term.


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