Report: At Least 5x Growth Delivered for Companies that Adopt Data-Driven Plans

July 20, 2020

  1. NEW YORK, NY – Companies who adopt data-driven scenario planning drive growth at least 5x greater than companies who do not, according to the latest ROI Genome report from Analytic Partners, Insights to Accelerate Growth: Scenario Plan for Future Success.


The report highlights how business leaders can maximize their potential and set themselves up for success by using quantitative and qualitative data to take the bias out of future planning. It also takes a closer look not only at what dynamics should be considered in scenario planning, but also how to harness and analyze them through a risk and upside simulation framework that can enable maximum growth.


Some topics covered within the report include:

    • Maximizing the potential of your brand by understanding the relationship between business drivers and performance
    • Understanding key factors to focus on when planning the future of your business
    • Influencing consumer demand while protecting your brand from the advertising and promotional investments of competitors
    • Identifying the changes in consumer and human behavior due to COVID-19 as they apply to your business
    • Scenario planning across multi-faceted business segments to drive growth


“Scenario planning is a powerful tool. By demonstrating quantifiable success and showcasing what is achievable – and why – brands can confidently anticipate the future and take actions that will deliver the highest likelihood of success,” said Mike Menkes, senior vice president, Analytic Partners. “In today’s uncertain environment, accessing those kinds of insights is critical.”


“The difference in success of companies that adopt data-driven planning and those that don’t is clear,” said Nancy Smith, president and CEO, Analytic Partners, “Having access to twenty years of analytic insights through ROI Genome allows us as a partner to arm brands with the tools they need to make the necessary shift to data-driven decisioning.”


Since 2000, Analytic Partners has worked with top brands from around the world to optimize business performance and measure the impact of investment decisions. The insights in this report are based on the collected knowledge from these analyses, which form the core of the ROI Genome.


Insights to Accelerate Growth: Scenario Plan for Future Success is available to download here.

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