Behind the Numbers Ad Platform podcast: What Advertisers Can Learn from Scenario Planning

June 1, 2021

How can business leaders better optimize for growth and identify new opportunities? In a recent podcast, Analytic Partners SVP Mike Menkes sat down with eMarketer’s Nicole Perrin on Behind the Numbers, “The Ad Platform” to discuss.


The disruption of the past year has caused many advertisers to consider pulling back spend, but when it comes to forecasting and understanding growth, no rash decisions should be made without scenario planning first. In fact, Analytic Partners ROI Genome research demonstrated that if the average brand pulled back media spend by $50M, that brand would on average stand to lose $130M in revenue within the first year alone, increasing to $300M by the second year of reduced spend.


Rather than focusing on big cuts, brands should focus on thinking through controllable and non-controllable factors, war-gaming for competitor actions, and considering multiple potential outcomes to be prepared for success.


Tune into Mike and Nicole’s full conversation for more on this subject, along with the latest insights into the effects of data deprecation, the power of holistic measurement programs, and more.


Listen here.

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