AP in the News: The Secret To Being A Continuous Market Disruptor

January 25, 2022

As seen on recently bought the naming rights to Los Angeles’ Staples Center for $700 million. In a world of easy-flowing capital, the move may seem more like a lark than an instructive business parable. But there’s a bigger story here.

Staples, the office superstore, first acquired lifetime naming rights to the facility in 2009 when it was trying to hang on as the dominant category disruptor in office supplies. Just 10 years later, the arena’s owners repurchased those rights as Staples’ priorities shifted, and—seeking to become the new disruptor in crypto currency exchange—tried to do it by plastering its name on everything they could.


Staples is just one example of how yesterday’s disruptors can become today’s disrupted. But if businesses implement the right analytical systems, they can turn disruptive forces from headwinds to tailwinds, surfacing opportunities for transformational change and seizing them before the competition.


Here’s how businesses can look out for major disruptive forces and identify moments of opportunity before rivals snatch them up.


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