Wherewithal. Or maybe, “Morewithal.”

February 8, 2022

Today we announced a pretty big deal . . . Onex Partners, Onex’s $7.2B private equity fund, is making a significant investment in our company and becoming our partner on this incredible journey.  You can read more of the details right here in the press release.


In a nutshell, it gives us a more “wherewithal”.  Or maybe we should call it “morewithal”.


First and foremost, it gives us morewithal to recognize our people.  Many on our team have been with us for 10 or more years working hard to get us to the leadership role we’ve earned in marketing analytics. Some have made substantial contributions to the mission in just the past few years. All have sacrificed a great deal for this acknowledgement, and we owe them (and their families) a big “thank you”.


It’s also for morewithal for our customers. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies rely on us day in and day out to help them make smarter, faster decisions to stay atop their respective categories and find competitive advantage.  Serving them isn’t just our privilege, it’s our true passion.  They give us the challenges, the inspiration, and the collaboration that makes it such a pleasure to come to work every morning.


And it’s about independence.  When you’re responsible for recommending how to best spend 10s of billions of dollars of marketing investments every year, it’s critically important to be objective and free from any bias.  No “sister companies” to worry about; no proprietary data to sell; no hidden commissions or undisclosed conflicts.  Just pure alignment with our clients’ best interests. Onex Partners brings us the morewithal to strengthen and preserve our continued independence.


But most importantly it gives us the morewithal to pursue the vision for where the world of marketing is going and what will be needed to answer the questions that are just emerging but will soon become commonplace. Moreover, we think we have a fair grasp on the types of questions that aren’t even being imagined yet by the world’s leading marketers, and we’ve already begun building the data, technologies, and skills to address them.


Over the past few years, we have invested many millions of dollars in building the ROI Genome® intelligence integrated with the best marketing optimization and simulation engines in the world. Through that experience, we’ve gained the insights to know where technology can go even further to automate complex tactical optimization, anticipate emerging opportunities and threats, and surface the strategies to position brands around the world to win. And we’ve gained valuable knowledge on how to train and prepare our teams to unlock this value for leading marketers in all sectors and geographies.


Our new relationship with Onex Partners provides the “morewithal” to speed our realization of that shared vision. They bring us the financial and human capital to accelerate innovation beyond even our current aggressive pace. Together we’ll deliver the next generation of marketing analytics and expand the performance gap between our clients and their competitors.


Analytic Partners and Onex Partners welcome you to come join us in the next level of this fabulous journey.





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