Analytic Partners Joins Amazon Advertising Measurement Program as Selected Provider

The new program will empower clients to build customer value and more effectively measure the impact of Amazon Advertising


NEW YORK, NY – Analytic Partners, a leading analytics solutions provider, has announced its selection for Amazon Advertising’s new measurement program. This program helps advertisers accurately measure the return from their Amazon Advertising campaigns, taking into account online and offline channels, as well as insights into the drivers of return on investment (ROI).


Analytic Partners will leverage the data gathered through the program within its Unified Measurement solution and Commercial Mix Analytics, delivered through its proprietary technology, GPS Enterprise. This added layer of information will enrich the support Analytic Partners provides to meet the customer, business, and growth objectives of its clients.


The program offers several key benefits for Analytic Partner clients, including:


Comprehensive insights to inform strategy: Direct access to Amazon data, allows for a single source of campaign information from across all relevant Amazon Advertising display, sponsored ads, and OTT video media. Deeper insights help brands create customer value and build loyalty wherever customers purchase.


  • Dedicated expertise: Analytic Partners can now work with Amazon directly for dedicated resources to enable best practices for incorporating new information into model methodologies, delivering added value to clients.


  • Actionability for growth: Clients will benefit from even greater speed to insights and continued ROI improvements thanks to Analytic Partners’ direct access to expanded retail and advertising data from Amazon.


“We are excited to be a selected provider in this new program with Amazon,” said Mike Menkes, SVP of Analytic Partners, “This partnership will enable even greater access and opportunity for our clients to better understand customer behavior, opportunities for growth, and their true omnichannel business performance.”


Analytic Partners is a proven global leader in measurement and optimization. Our adaptive solutions integrate proprietary technology powered by the latest data science delivered through our platform and high-touch consulting. We enable deeper business understanding to support better, faster decisions.


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