Analytic Partners Launches On-Demand “Brand Impact” Solution

Solution Gives Customers On-Demand Access to Quantifiable Brand Equity Insights for Short- and Long-Term Planning

MIAMI, FL— May 10, 2023: Analytic Partners, the leader in commercial analytics, has today announced the launch of its on-demand Brand Impact solution. Marketers will be empowered with easily accessible, always-on analysis of both the short- and long-term impact on their brands based on their marketing activities.

Analytic Partners' ROI Genome demonstrates that marketing decisions can significantly affect brands' long-term success and sales. Brands that do not measure their brand impact and instead optimize their activities on short-term ROI with media mix modeling (MMM) or multi-touch attribution (MTA) studies may operate up to 20% less efficiently in the long term. However, even those aware of this challenge may struggle to access solutions that quantify brand impact.

The new solution is available on Analytic Partners' customer platform, GPS-Enterprise (GPS-E), and uses commercial analytics to empower marketers to access long-term brand performance insights whenever they need them. Brands will have the option to incorporate YouGov’s BrandIndex data, which combined with the ROI Genome will generate insights to drive a better understanding of brand equity and the decisions that influence it.

Improving the immediate bottom line is a key objective for any business, but it’s important to balance short-term gains with long-term brand building because this ultimately drives longer-term success,” said Nancy Smith, Founder, President and CEO of Analytic Partners. “By launching Brand Impact on our GPS-E platform, we can offer brands on-demand access to insights that will help them balance both short- and long-term decisions, including budgeting, and demonstrate to all stakeholders the importance of a strong brand in driving revenue and profitability.”

Understanding how marketing activities, or the lack of them, affect long-term performance can guide businesses to make more effective decisions in challenging economic conditions, such as reduced consumer spending, inflation, slowed growth, and demands to cut marketing budgets. Awareness of positive or negative impacts on brand equity can help mitigate the challenges of a downturn. Analytic Partners' ROI Genome research reveals that over 60% of brands that increased marketing investment during a recession experienced improvements in ROI and a rise in incremental sales. Conversely, brands that reduce spending risk losing up to 15% of their business to competitors who invest in marketing.

Analytic Partners’ Brand Impact solution is available to marketers globally today. To learn more, visit:

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