Analytic Partners Named Finalist in I-COM Data Creativity Awards

With their entry entitled "Business Decision Making through Weather-Based Storytelling," Analytic Partners has been chosen as a finalist for I-COM's Data Creativity Award. The award's objective is to acknowledge the most creative people and companies in achieving business value and competitive advantage for their clients by leveraging value from data. The winners will be chosen at the I-COM Global Summit on May 13-16th, 2019.


The award entry outlines how Analytic Partners developed Helio, a solution that leveraged predictive analytics based on weather forecasting to answer business questions such as: Where should I invest more heavily in media or promotions in the upcoming weeks? Where should I scale back? What product should I be pushing in a given market or retailer? What is my outlook for the upcoming season?


The AP team worked to better understand where the client should lean in and where to reduce investments, and what markets, periods and brands to focus investment on – across departments including marketing, sales, inventory, and supply chain management. In short, the client wanted to know where will weather affect change.


In addition to presenting as a finalist, Analytic Partners will also be participating in I-COM's Data Science Hackathon - an event that AP had won in 2017.