Report: Brands That Embrace Omnichannel Increase ROI by 32%

NEW YORK, NY – Companies that embrace an omnichannel marketing strategy increase ROI by 32% in comparison to those that do not, according to the latest ROI Genome report from Analytic Partners, Omnichannel and a Brave New World.


The report revisits the topic of omnichannel marketing through the lens of significant change brought by the global pandemic, and the resulting shifts in consumer behavior. It examines how business leaders can build a holistic view of both ecommerce and brick & mortar marketing channels, the role retail giants like Amazon, Target and Walmart play in the new omnichannel customer journey, and how brands can thrive by taking a consumer-centric view across route to market.


The report answers questions like:
• A combined digital and physical presence can help brands drive increased impact by more than 30%
• 48% of the incremental sales impact from paid Amazon display ads is halo benefit onto non-Amazon sales
• Brands measuring only a single channel are in danger of underreporting ROIs by roughly half


“The circumstances of the past several months have created shifts in the balance of ecommerce and brick and mortar for many brands,” said Mike Menkes, senior vice president, Analytic Partners. “In looking at those shifts, it’s vitally important to understand the impact holistically, rather than looking at each channel or tactic in a silo.”


“The need to adapt within today’s omnichannel environment is clear,” said Nancy Smith, president and CEO, Analytic Partners, “Having the right holistic measurement tools and strategy in place is the cornerstone of that adaptation, and that’s something that we are able to provide brands as they make data-driven, consumer-centric decisions about the future.”


Since 2000, Analytic Partners has worked with top brands from around the world to optimize business performance and measure the impact of investment decisions. The insights in this report are based on the collected knowledge from these analyses, which form the core of the ROI Genome.


Omnichannel and a Brave New World is available to download here.

ROI Genome Report: Omnichannel and a Brave New World

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