Analytic Partners Integrates TikTok to Its Commercial Mix Analytics Solution

Partnership Allows Brands to Evaluate TikTok as Part of Their Overall Marketing Investment


Analytic Partners, the leading cloud-based, managed software platform dedicated to helping global customers assess marketing spend effectiveness and optimize future allocations through its Commercial Mix Analytics framework and GPS Enterprise platform, today announced its selection as one of a curated set of initial partners in TikTok's Media Mix Modelling Program.


TikTok, the short form video platform, created the Media Mix Modelling program to make it easier for advertisers to measure overall media mix ROI in a privacy-first way and support leading measurement providers with consistent reporting across the globe. As a leader in holistic measurement solutions, Analytic Partners has joined TikTok’s program as an initial partner to help brand advertisers measure ROI accurately across markets.


“Recent shifts in consumer behavior and increasingly innovative ways to reach customers make it more important than ever to have a sophisticated measurement and analytics program so marketers can adapt, evolve and thrive. We are thrilled to be an early partner in TikTok’s new Media Mix Modelling Program,” said Susan Tillou, SVP and Head of Global Partnerships at Analytic Partners. “As brands begin to grow media spend with TikTok, Analytic Partners can now more efficiently work with customers to evaluate TikTok ROI as part of their overall marketing spend.”


ROI Genome®, Analytic Partners’ proprietary market intelligence solution, shows that social media ROI is among the highest of marketing activities in short-term effectiveness, and it is among the highest when considering combined short and long-term impacts.


Jorge Ruiz, Global Head of Marketing Science at TikTok, said: "We are thrilled to be furthering our measurement journey globally. Partnering with leaders across the measurement industry allows TikTok to understand advertiser needs through advanced, privacy-safe modelling techniques and how companies are leveraging our platform to successfully engage their audience and measure success. Our goal is to help clients reach their full potential with the TikTok community and maximize growth.”


Analytic Partners will leverage TikTok's aggregated, privacy-safe reporting via its Commercial Mix Analytics solution, delivered through its proprietary technology, GPS Enterprise. The addition of TikTok will further expand Analytic Partners’ media coverage and provide more granular and expedited insights for its clients to drive customer, business, and overall growth objectives.


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