Brand Impact Solution

Solution Brief

Read this overview to learn how marketers can answer key questions on the drivers of brand health and connect brand metrics to hard currency. This introduction provides the high-level benefits of leveraging Brand Impact as part of your Commercial Analytics program. To talk to an expert, contact us today.

Our Brand Impact solution can help you answer the following questions and more:

  • What are the drivers of brand metrics, and how can I grow my brand's health?
  • How do I quantify the long-term impact of each of my channels as compared to short-term impact?
  • Which brand metrics are leading indicators of sales?
  • How should I balance my spend to maximize short and long-term goals?

Analyze multiple KPIs across the funnel to integrate brand with your Commercial Analytics measurement program:

Commercial Analytics incorporates both internal and external factors to measure your marketing activity's impact on short-term ROI; by integrating brand KPI, you can assess marketing's impact through the purchase decision funnel.

On-Demand Access

Brand Impact and LongTerm Budget Planning in our Commercial Decisioning Platform, GPS-E:

Get Actionable Brand Insights

Access an easy-to-use dashboard to understand which marketing channels are driving your brand performance, and view both short- and long-term ROIs

Balance Your Investment Strategy

Analyze different scenarios in the platform and optimize for different short- and long-term brand investment strategies.

Robust Data Sources

We leverage first and thirdparty data assets for Brand Impact measurement. In addition to incorporating these, Analytic Partners provides customers with easy access to the following:


Our partnership with YouGov gives you access to 16 dierent brand metrics to track your business performance; we help you identify the most important metric for measurement.


ROI Genome's collective intelligence surfaces reference points, white space opportunities, scalability factors, and additional perspective for brands.