Commercial Intelligence Overview

Solution Brief

Read this overview to learn how Analytic Partners uses advanced products and solutions to help brands answer complex business questions through Commercial Intelligence. This brochure also highlights the rich history and global presence of the company, and the industry-wide recognition. To talk to an expert, contact us today.

For brands to be successful today, they must shift focus from marketing performance measurement to value creation. This means moving away from “report card” measurement to a wider decisioning system that considers all possible business drivers. Commercial Intelligence is the answer to adjusting to the complexity of today's changing environment. It's a new, outcomes-based approach for decision-making that reflects the full commercial landscape.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Miami, Analytic Partners is a recognized leader in innovative measurement and optimization with cross-industry and global expertise to pave the way for brands to achieve growth through Commercial Intelligence.

Our team of marketing leaders and data scientists leverage the power of our decisioning platform, GPS Enterprise, to analyze a wide array of marketing, business and external data to create compelling growth plans with measurable results.


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Some of the largest B2C companies in Retail, Financial Services, and Hospitality rely on our expertise to build long-term success.

Products & Solutions

Commercial Decisioning Platform (GPS Enterprise)

Brands use GPS Enterprise to uncover growth-focused insights and build beer connections with customers. Transform performance and drive change to make your business unstoppable with our flexible, adaptive technology.

Commercial Analytics

Brands can gather Commercial Intelligence through the deployment of commercial analytics within their organization. Our Commercial Analytics solution is an adaptive, unified approach that incorporates customer and operational data across the entire business to deliver optimized insights. It provides customers with execution-level best practices to meet their business goals. Commercial Analytics is tailored to a brand's specific business questions and can include all or some of the following at right.

Brand and Long-Term Analytics

Brand Impact helps companies quantify the power of brand and how it ties to revenue and performance metrics. It measures the influence of multiple customized brand health KPIs across the consumer funnel in the short- and long-term.

Touchpoint Analytics

Touchpoint Analytics helps brands understand the customers’ path to purchase to further optimize addressable tactics and improve reach. It builds on holistic measurement when user-level data is available and allows brands to go deeper into addressable channels.

Customer Analytics

Customer Franchise Value leverages predictive analytics to identify opportunities that drive the greatest long-term customer value by segment. It helps brands identify key customer segments, shi investment to increase purchase frequency, reveal early indicators of churn, and increase personalization of messaging.

Testing and Learning

Agile Learning helps marketers and operators test new and emerging channels, oer promotions and unique pricing, understand the eects of retail store remodels on revenue in specific geographies and make the case for scaling investments.

Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics provides a deeper level of analytics on operational drivers such as customer satisfaction, pricing, assortment, and store openings/closings, that are quantified through Commercial Analytics. It helps brands with guidance on how to optimize operations like supporting store openings, allocating sales force, maximizing customer satisfaction, seing appropriate pricing strategies, etc.

ROI Genome

The ROI Genome is our proprietary intelligence layer, adding scalability and reliability to the insights Analytic Partners generates for our customers. The result of 20 years of analysis and learning, it provides historical knowledge beyond traditional benchmarking to understand and quantify the drivers of ROI and performance at a fundamental level to establish principles and truths for success.