Commercial Analytics Solution Brief

Solution Brief

Commercial Analytics is a customer-centric approach to evaluate the entire business - brand, customer, product, operational, and external factors to produce strategic and tactical recommendations that drive growth. Read this overview to learn how Analytic Partners uses Commercial Analytics to help brands answer complex business questions through Commercial Intelligence. To talk to an expert, contact us today.

End-to-End Marketing Measurement for Data-Driven Decision-Making

Commercial Analytics is a customer-centric approach to evaluate the entire business - brand, customer, product, operational and external factors to produce strategic and tactical recommendations that drive growth. It offers a comprehensive approach with a previously impossible level of granularity, creating compelling, forward-looking marketing plans to handle the complexity of business today.

Unique Modeling Approach

Customer-Centric View of Commercial Business Drivers

Commercial Analytics incorporates every business driver to represent the full picture of how customers learn about your brand, research, and purchase. It incorporates a wide array of internal and external factors (such as media, retail partners, sales, operations, competitive, category demand, and more) to analyze the entire business. It also helps identify trends and gaps beyond just marketing, enabling organizations to evaluate all commercial levers to pivot growth strategies.

Adaptive and Connected Multi-Dimensional Models

Commercial Analytics leverages a combination of data codification and augmented analytics (statistical models and ML/AI) to discover relationships and trends across KPIs, regions, platforms, and customer segments. It blends multiple analytical approaches to create a single source of truth to predict future behavior, so brands can optimize plans and investments. It creates a single source of truth of marketing's eectiveness and business growth, removing the need for disparate, disconnected measurement solutions.

Future-proofed and Privacy-Safe

With the rise of privacy laws and data deprecation, commercial analytics is future-proofed because it doesn't require user-level data. It uses a multidimensional structure which includes customer cohorts and is flexible based on brands' unique business objectives to provide both strategic and tactical insights. Plus, analyses that were once labor-intensive (such as variable transformation and model fine-tuning) are scaled through our end-to-end platform, GPS-E, and our marketing science experts to deliver faster results for brands.

Commercial Decisioning

Grow Analytic Adoption, Build Confidence in Insights, and Deliver Business Growth

Commercial Analytics identifies opportunities on where to spend more, less, or dierently, and steps to achieve that across all investment areas. It monitors ongoing changes to react and maximizes impact across the commercial business. Here are examples of what it delivers:

Key Incremental Business Drivers

  • Identify incrementality by measuring relationships of marketing factors and KPIs such as sales that would not have occurred in the absence of that activity.
  • Break out which controllable or non-controllable business drivers are contributing to business KPIs such as sales, trac, etc.

Margin Return on Investment (ROI)

Understand the level of spend eciency by sub-brand, region, channel, program, or campaign.


  • Shift from historical report cards to predict future performance.
  • Compare predictions vs. actual performance, identify gaps to goals, and build more accurate plans and forecasts to achieve growth targets.

Scenario Planning

Scenario plan, optimize campaigns regularly and deep dive in tactical planning.

Solution Expansion for Breath and Depth of Analytics

Commercial Analytics provides insights for decisioning at dierent cadences based on business needs and speed, and are generated from the same model, increasing accuracy and precision.

On Demand (Cyclical)

Annual, bi-annual, quarterly or timed during key business planning cycles to help brands make critical decisions on business drivers and long-term strategy.

Live (Always-On)

Fine-tune activities on the fly and continuously optimize levers within tactics and channels to adjust to a dynamically changing and evolving market.

Commercial Analytics is enabled through our Commercial Decisioning Platform, GPS-Enterprise (GPS-E).

GPS-E is flexible, adapting to each company’s unique business model and marketing strategy. It’s an end-to-end platform that incorporates ADAPTA to upload and validate marketing and external data, AMP’s multi-dimensional modeling approach, and Decisioning through PROPHET (insights and planning).

Speed to Insight for Channel, Campaign and Tactical Recommendations

Surface insights before they’re needed with our intuitive, easy-to-use, always-on platform that leverages updated data using live models and augmented analytics.

Flexible and Transparent to Build Confidence

Adapt your plans based on both controllable and non-controllable factors to prove marketing’s impact.

Enterprise-Wide Analytical Adoption

By viewing your business holistically, you can break down silos, create crossfunctional relevance and implement sustainable organizational change. It shis the dynamics, so marketing is seen as a profit center instead of a cost center, giving marketing a seat at the table.

Combined with 20+ Years of Collective Intelligence from ROI Genome

For over two decades, we've collected vast quantities of marketing intelligence across more than 750 brands, 45 countries, and hundreds of billions in spending across industries. This intelligence is embedded in the platform, which ensures brands do not have to start from scratch. ROI Genome's collective intelligence presents proprietary intelligence to help marketers understand the tactics, channels, and strategies that drive ROI and performance. It surfaces reference points, white space opportunities, scalability factors, and additional perspective for brands.

Partner with Our Expert Team

Our people are change agents who thrive in challenging environments to identify and implement solutions that revolutionize decision-making. Our team includes leaders in both marketing and data science who leverage the power of our ROI Genome and GPS-E platform and with strategic expertise for brands. Customers will work with the same best-in-class team from identifying business needs and KPIs, through to data validation, modeling, insights, and future planning and optimization.

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