Forrester Report “Omnichannel Advertising Delivers Positive ROI”

Omnichannel Advertising Delivers Positive ROI

The value of an omnichannel marketing strategy is enormous. However, marketing and business leaders often struggle to articulate the clear benefits, a challenge that can continue even after the strategy is implemented.


A new report from Forrester Research, “Omnichannel Advertising Delivers Positive ROI” states that “By breaking down silos between advertising teams, an omnichannel advertising approach can help generate revenue and cost savings.” While “the level of success an organization has with an omnichannel approach to advertising will vary, since no two organizations execute a marketing plan in the same way”, there are key considerations that every organization should take into account when making the shift to omnichannel that will increase the odds of success.

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  • Building the case for an omnichannel marketing approach for your business
  • How to establish business goals based on an omnichannel strategy
  • The importance of identifying all factors that affect budgeting decisions