Forrester Report: “The Intelligent Approach To Growth”

The term “customer obsession” has been gaining traction over the past several years. But it’s more than just a buzzword – in fact, a recent Forrester® survey found that “customer-obsessed firms’ average revenue growth is 2.5x higher than the average because they effectively deliver value to customers instead of chasing quick-hit gains.”  So, how can business leaders apply customer obsession to grow responsibly?

A recent report from Forrester by Shar VanBoskirk and Sharyn Leaver entitled “The Intelligent Approach To Growth” takes a closer look at that question and “[…] shows you how to use the concept of intelligent growth to determine how to pursue growth strategies for customers, markets, offerings, productivity, acquisitions, and experiences.”

Access a copy of the report to learn more about:

  • How customer obsession can help you grow responsibly
  • How to get started with intelligent growth options
  • Why customer-led growth strategies are more sustainable
  • And more