Watch The Video – Preparing for the Data Apocalypse

B2C Marketers rely on an abundant pool of data to analyze marketing performance and understand consumer behavior.  However, mounting data restrictions from browsers, including Apple, Firefox, Microsoft, and Google, has placed brands in unchartered territories: adjust marketing measurement strategies in a world with limited consumer tracking and data access or risk inaccurate marketing insights and mismanagement of marketing budgets. Forrester Senior Analyst and guest speaker, Tina Moffett, gives the latest updates on how data deprecation will impact marketing measurement and optimization and how marketers should prepare for the data apocalypse.

In this recording, Forrester:

  • Gives an update to the evolving state of data deprecation, specifically third-party cookie deletion, and how it will impact marketing strategy.
  • Provides insights into how limited data access, specifically the death of the third-party cookie, will impact marketing analytics, measurement, optimization, including digital attribution.
  • Delivers guidance on how marketers should prepare for data deprecation through better data management and alternative marketing measurement approaches.

Nancy Smith, president and CEO of Analytic Partners, hosts this webinar and offers real-world success stories of measurement and forward-looking optimization in this data apocalypse. During the Q&A session, Nancy and Tina discuss what brands should do today to future-proof for tomorrow.