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When you run a TV ad, how much does it impact search? How much are online sales cannibalizing your brick & mortar?  “Omnichannel” marketing and retailing is a complex and tangled world that challenges marketers with how to appropriately measure, attribute and optimize media spend.

Making Sense of the New Omnichannel webinar will give you real-world insights into :

  • Understanding how marketing in one channel effects sales in another
  • Increasing ROI by developing holistic measurement strategies
  • Assessing the value of a real-world store opening
  • Effectively measuring ads on Amazon – which also impact other retailers

Mike Menkes, Analytic Partners SVP, brings his deep experience with the evolving world of omnichannel to the presentation. This webinar is a part of NorthStar Academy, Analytic Partners learning platform and enablement team that educates and empowers businesses in how to fully integrate analytics across an organization.

ROI_GenomeThe insights shared in this webinar come from Analytic Partners’ ROI Genome, based on billions of dollars in marketing spend, that goes beyond benchmarking to undercover the “whys” beyond the drivers of business performance.