ROI Genome Intelligence Report: The Advertising Evolution

Marketing has always been complicated, but the levels of complexity reached over the past several years have brought us into an unprecedented ecosystem. The long-standing debates about the role of marketing in driving business performance has compounded with ever-evolving advertising offerings, platforms and new ways to reach consumers. So, how can business leaders sort through the noise and distill fact from fiction?

In our latest ROI Genome Intelligence Report, The Advertising Evolution – Media Trends, Truths and Taking Action for Tomorrow, we are breaking down what marketers need to know about the impact of media and how to take action today to prepare for the future. Access your copy to learn more about:

  • How to accurately measure advertising ROI when two-thirds of the impact happens after the first week
  • How to account for the impact of Halo, which makes up 45% of advertising’s impact
  • Why brands that adopt holistic measurement programs achieve 25-75% more in ROI gains than those that don’t
  • The biggest myths and ecosystem missteps to avoid when future-proofing your brand
  • And more