ROI Genome Report: Omnichannel and a Brave New World

ROI Genome Intelligence Report: Omnichannel and a Brave New World, takes a closer look at what business leaders need to know as they plan for the future. Consumer behaviors are changing at a previously unfathomable pace. This is especially true when looking at the blurring lines between on- and offline and the concepts of omnichannel marketing and “omnishopping.” How can businesses adapt in order to keep up?

Download the full report to learn:


  • How do in-store experiences impact online shopping?
  • What macro factors have impacted and will continue to impact these online/offline relationships?
  • What role does a channel like Amazon play in the new consumer journey?
  • How can leaders adapt and evolve strategies in this changing world in order to thrive?
  • How can marketers gain a more holistic view of omnichannel impact?