ROI Genome Intelligence Report: Targeting Works, Except When It Doesn’t

Are your marketing investments and performance efforts properly aligned to your strategic goals? It is a big question to ask, and one that business leaders have been forced to confront again and again, especially given the turbulence of the past several years. In this ROI Genome Intelligence report, we’re zeroing in on one of the key areas of investment that can make or break a marketing strategy: targeting. From common misconceptions to the truth about the modern marketing funnel and how to strike the right balance of broad reach and narrow targeting, access your copy of the report to find out how to overcome common barriers to building a successful targeting strategy.

Download the report now for more about:

  • The myths of narrow targeting and the role of data deprecation in its future use
  • How to utilize contextual targeting, which is 1.2x – 2.5x more effective than other types of targeting
  • The time and place to deploy broad reach targeting to optimize effectiveness