SharkNinja and Analytic Partners at ARF AudiencexScience

Change has been the only constant of the past 18 months, but for brands that know how to adapt, this change represents opportunity. Holistic measurement – from understanding incremental impact across channels to building in considerations for macro factors like consumer behavior shifts and the pandemic – is key to sustained growth.


At the recent ARF AudiencexScience event, we sat down with Ashley Eckerlin, SVP of Commercial Strategy, Planning & Analytics at SharkNinja to find out how they honed their advertising investment strategy as media mix has become more diversified and how they are measuring impact now.

Access this video to learn more about how SharkNinja leveraged Commercial Mix Analytics to strategize their marketing investements, and how other organizations can do the same, with insights into:


  • The direct and indirect effects of online retail sales channels like Amazon
  • How to integrate a CMA program with other types of research and performance metrics
  • The importance of experimentation
  • How to get executive buy-in to try new methods
  • Understanding the role of non-marketing, especially during COVID-19
  • And more