Why Omnichannel Still Matters for Marketing Execution and Measurement

Navigate through the noise and uncover what’s really working within an omnichannel strategy.

The COVID era accelerated the growth of e-commerce and a greater focus on new media tactics, digital channels, and measurement programs to meet consumer expectations of a consistent and connected experience. Such metrics, while valuable within their respective silos, can be misleading and result in marketing and business leaders making poor investment decisions on online or offline engagement programs. 

In our latest ROI Genome Report, we are diving deeper into the world of omnichannel marketing and measurement, and how brands can best balance their online and offline presence. It’s time for commercial decision-makers to evolve their thinking to drive impact with a holistic, consumer-centric, omnichannel approach.

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Why Omnichannel Matters for Marketing Execution and Measurement report
Read this report to learn more about key considerations and media principles such as:
Adapting to the complexity of today’s evolving omnichannel landscape to uncover opportunities for brands to maximize their investments
Leveraging a holistic understanding of digital and non-digital marketing investments to better understand omnichannel and synergistic impacts
Creating commercial intelligence to evolve business thinking and drive true impact with a holistic, consumer-centric, omnichannel approach
Five important considerations for maximizing omnichannel performance

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