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Halo Effects in Portfolio Advertising Report

ROI Genome Report: Halo Effects in Portfolio Advertising

How does advertising for one product influence sales for others in your portfolio?

When a company markets across multiple products or services, savvy marketers know that advertising creates interaction across offerings – due to a “halo” effect. Marketers can greatly benefit from learning how this concept can work as ROIs can increase by tenfold in some cases.


As a follow-up to our popular ROI Genome: 2017 Marketing Intelligence Report, this addendum covers the concept of Halo, the importance of its effects on portfolio advertising and how to best take advantage of it.

Download and learn:

  • What is Halo?
  • How does Halo work?
  • How Halo can increase an ROI by up to 10x
  • How messaging creative quality factors into Halo
  • How to make the most out of Halo

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