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Report: What Drives Search ROI?

Analytic Partners Newest ROI Genome Report Investigates What Factors Drive Return on Investment for Paid Search and How to Optimize for Them. 


New York, April 3, 2018 – Analytic Partners, a global leader in marketing analytics, has released "ROI Genome Report: Paid Search Intelligence," the latest in a series of reports based on the learnings of the company's ROI Genome - an evolving endeavor to create marketing wisdom from accumulated numbers and knowledge.


ROI Genome Report: Paid Search Intelligence investigates the factors that influence paid search advertising as well as provide recommendations to optimize SEM based on those insights.


Key topics within the report include:

  • Competitive factors and ROI
  • Effects of pricing and consideration level
  • Brand vs. generic keywords
  • How to differentiate mobile search ads
  • How e-commerce intersects with paid search ROI
  • The synergies of other channels with search advertising
  • Dangers of last-click attribution


Over the past 14+ years, Analytic Partners has collected marketing intelligence across industries and countries to form the core of its ROI Genome. This report is the latest in a series of insights made available to the public. Each quarter the ROI Genome team will look into a different aspect of marketing and advertising to uncover actionable intelligence.


“While search is just one facet of the intelligence collected in ROI Genome, it is a central part of many brands' digital efforts,” said Mike Menkes, SVP at Analytic Partners. “We hope this report provides real insights for readers and a peek into how ROI Genome helps our clients with a comprehensive understanding of marketing performance drivers across industries, countries, and marketing activities.”


ROI Genome Report: Paid Search Intelligence seeks to highlight paid search insights uncovered by Analytic Partners’ ROI Genome that get to the heart of the matter of what drives return on investment for SEM. As with all ROI Genome Reports, it also includes unbiased and actionable recommendations for marketers.


ROI Genome Report: Paid Search Intelligence is available for download. To learn more and read the report, visit:


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