ROI Genome - Staying Ahead of Emerging Media

ROI Genome Marketing Intelligence Report: Staying Ahead of Emerging Media highlights what marketers and brands thinking about new media should consider based on ROI and response impacts, and the emerging themes in the space. This report dives into the initial performance of channels like alternative video, streaming audio and influencer marketing, among others.

The report answers questions like: How does emerging video advertising stack up against linear TV? Is there a way to make the most out of the podcast hype? How does influencer marketing compare to traditional public relations?

Ultimately, the path forward for brands is clear: any decision made regarding emerging media should be made with experimentation and iteration in mind. When balanced with a comprehensive media strategy, these channels offer an exciting opportunity for brands to carve out their own niche.

Download the Report

Download the report and learn about:
What factors to take into consideration when adding emerging media to an existing plan
How to balance the foundation of linear TV while benefitting from emerging opportunities
Why experimenting with buying triggers can have a major impact on digital OOH
When and where to consider the use of influencer marketing
What role relevance and context play in podcasts

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