ROI Genome

ROI Genome: Marketing Intelligence Report 2017

ROI Genome: 2017 Marketing Intelligence Report

What Drives Marketing ROI?

Introducing ROI Genome: 2017 Marketing Intelligence Report – the first annual edition of important trends and insights on the factors that affect return on investment for offline and online marketing.


Over the past 13+ years, Analytic Partners has collected marketing intelligence across industries and countries to form the core of its ROI Genome. This report is the first time these insights are available to the public.

Download and learn about:

  • How ROIs are Converging for Offline + Online
  • ROI Trends by Channel
  • How Cross-Channel Synergy Affects ROI
  • The Effect of Increasing Costs on Online ROI
  • The Impact of Paid Marketing on Owned and Earned Efforts
  • How Different Channels Influence Consumers through the Customer Journey
  • Short & Long Term Considerations for Spending Allocation
  • Recommendations and Take-Aways to Improve ROI

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