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ROI Genome Report: The New Omnichannel Marketing

ROI Genome - The New Omnichannel

Clicks, Bricks and Everything in Between

ROI Genome Marketing Intelligence Report: The New Omnichannel – Clicks, Bricks and Everything in Betweendocuments the rise of “omnichannel” – the effect of consumers being exposed to marketing in one channel and buying in another. The analysis also measures the drivers of store traffic and drivers of web traffic. The findings include a look at Amazon paid advertising, showing that up to 70% to 90% of the impact of Amazon display ads actually drives non-Amazon sales.


The report’s message is clear: holistic measurement is a must as no channel is a vacuum. Online media can drive brick and mortar sales, offline media can boost online sales and Amazon advertising can drive sales beyond that platform.

Key Takeaways


  • Use a balance of online and offline media to drive growth
    • All media has omnichannel impact
    • Online media drives brick & mortar sales
    • Offline media drives online sales


  • Leverage brick & mortar presence to boost online business
    • Where relevant, physical locations and instore efforts help drive incremental sales both offline and online


  • Utilize Amazon advertising for growth beyond Amazon
    • Prioritize Amazon Search for businesses heavily reliant on Amazon as a sales channel
    • Complement AMS with Amazon Display for businesses with large offline sales


  • Break down any organizational silos to address today’s omnichannel world
    • Plan cross-functionally and measure impacts holistically to drive the greatest business impact and growth