What Drives Paid Search ROI?

Paid Search is a central part of many brands’ digital strategy and budget. It has the advantage of being able to directly reach individuals who are expressing current intent and interest in a product, category or topic. Each quarter the ROI Genome team will look into different aspects of marketing, advertising and what drives return on investment. In ROI Genome Report: Paid Search Intelligence we look at paid search and dig into the drivers for return on marketing investment within this important digital channel.

Our data shows us that the ROI on SEM ranges widely across and within industries. So, this begs the question: Why? Why are ROIs so different, even within the same category? This report dives into the factors that influence paid search ROI and actionable insights to improve return on search spend.

Download the Report

Download the report and learn about:
Competitive factors and ROI
Effects of pricing and consideration level
Brand vs. generic keywords
How to differentiate mobile search ads
How e-commerce intersects with paid search ROI
The synergies of other channels with search advertising
Dangers of last-click attribution

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