ROI Genome

ROI Genome Report: The Value of an Impression

ROI Genome Report: The Value of an Impression

Are all Impressions Created Equal?

Marketers want to get their message in front of their customers and potential customers. And while they will leverage a growing number of tactics to deliver this message, these impressions are not all created equal. It is important to understand not only the reach and cost/CPM of different tactics, but also the value of the impressions delivered across and within tactics. A tactic that works for one company or brand won’t necessarily work for another. One key reason for this is the importance of context. By making sure a message is delivered in a context that is beneficial, an impression can significantly out-perform it’s expected value. Doing this in a scalable manner drives true competitive difference.


Analytic Partners has released a new ROI Genome report that looks at the factors that drive differences between impression values and shines a light on the power of context.

Read this report to learn more about:

  • Impression Value
  • Display vs Online Video Values
  • Response vs. Reach by Marketing Tactic
  • Effectiveness vs Efficiency
  • The Importance of Context
  • Real-life examples of the power of context in driving impression value

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This report is the next in a series of ROI Genome reports, including: ROI Genome: 2017 Marketing Intelligence ReportROI Genome Report: Halo Effects in Portfolio Advertising and ROI Genome: Paid Search Intelligence Report. Download this report to learn how to make the most of every impression.