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Big Data analytics and management for modeling and insights

Big Data requires Smart Prep to make insights extractable

“Big data” is the latest buzzword to describe the massive amounts of data available to businesses. Analytic Partners has been in the business of converting big data into actionable insights from long before the term “big data” was coined.

Big data analytics requires tools and techniques to make data usable and mineable

The Analytic Partners toolset to deal with big data has been systematized into a platform named Adapta (an anagram of “AP Data”). Analytic Partners has invested in development to create an innovative platform to integrate traditional and incongruent data sources. Likewise, our data experts have collaborated to create advanced approaches to data processing and cleansing. Adapta is designed to handle a wide range of both standard and disparate data sources, at any level of granularity, and from any industry or country. We have developed both generic and custom source-specific data processing tools that facilitate the aggregation of data from raw source, to validation, to cleansing, to processing, and finally integration.



Adapta transforms inconsistent data sources into a cohesive set of information that can be leveraged for analysis. This technology allows for the harmonization of disparate and external data sources with a wide range of detail, frequency, quality, and sources. This can be particularly powerful for data from emerging markets where data collection standards and data hygiene may be less than optimal.

Adapta applies source-specific processing routines to client data to cleanse and aggregate the data for statistical modeling and other analytics. Once cleansed and aggregated, data is uploaded to a data warehouse where it is sourced for downstream analytical procedures, including modeling, forecasting, optimization, simulations, digital attribution, etc. Our relationships with multiple third party data providers (e.g. syndicated data providers, media tracking, digital data sources) also allow for quick and seamless data transfer through APIs and ETL routines which utilize data warehousing and mapping processes.

As the name implies, Adapta is adaptable to a wide range of data sources for a variety of client needs.

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