ROI Genome

Beyond benchmarking for marketers

Insights that go beyond traditional “you are here” benchmarking

The ROI Genome provides ground-breaking insights that uncover the “why’s” behind the drivers of business performance.

The ROI Genome is an ongoing and evolving endeavor that Analytic Partners has undertaken to go beyond traditional “you are here” benchmarking.  The purpose of this undertaking was to understand and quantify the drivers of ROI and marketing success at a fundamental level in order to establish principles and truths for marketing success.  By understanding and quantifying how brand health, marketplace factors, country dynamics, and the competitive landscape all impact marketing performance for each type of traditional and emerging marketing activity, we provide true break-through context and perspective for our clients.



Our scientists have leveraged AP’s internal insights database and innovative modeling to derive a comprehensive understanding of marketing performance drivers across industries, countries, and marketing activities. Business and marketplace specific attributes, or “genes”, have been documented and studied across a wide range of industries and countries to provide for a deeper understanding of how various attributes and factors impact marketing performance. For example AP has studied and quantified the role that brand and category penetration plays in impacting marketing ROI, how assortment influences marketing performance, and if a country’s population or GDP impacts the success of marketing efforts.

ROI Genome is also leveraged for forecasting / planning for activities that have not been measured. e.g. if a business has never leveraged on-line video, AP’s ROI Genome can provide insight as to how it may perform given the industry, country and brand profile attributes. This groundbreaking research allows us to provide contextually relevant perspective for our clients – understanding why ROIs are what they are, what causes differences, and what potential ROI could be for any given brand or marketing tactic.

Tangible benefits going beyond ROI and sales lift benchmarks

  • Why is my ROI higher or lower than other comparable businesses?
  • Is my marketing ROI affected by product & brand characteristics, country environment, consumers attitudes and/or other attributes?
  • How do these factors impact TV versus Digital versus Promotion ROI?
  • Penetration in the category is low – what does that mean for ROI?
  • How much can I expect my TV ROI to increase if I improve copy quality and/or flighting?
  • I’ve never done Mobile advertising – based on my brand attributes what can I expect for my ROI?  How will it compare to my other drivers?

ROI Genome Marketing Intelligence Report: 2018 Compilation

Now available, The ROI Genome Marketing Intelligence Report: 2018 Compilation – a compilation of important trends and insights to better understand the factors that affect return on investment for offline and online marketing.

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