Change Management

Turn analytics into expertise through consulting.

Why do I need this?

Analytics adoption takes organizational change

Many companies making the investment in analytics find that the greatest barrier to adoption of data-driven decision making is organizational buy-in. When analytical insights are delivered but not leveraged it’s an enormous missed opportunity.

Analytics are a discipline, not a deliverable. We consult with our clients step-by-step as we help them transform into analytics-driven organizations.

How does it work?

Consultants who understand your business develop roadmaps

Analytic Partners works with our clients to build internal credibility and tailor an organizational measurement road map. Together we create a framework for business performance by identifying data requirements and developing scorecards aligned with internal KPIs. We help companies break down departmental silos such as digital vs other forms of marketing for greatest efficiency.

How does it work?

Benchmark and add perspective to results

The Analytic Partners ROI Genome provides ground-breaking insights that uncover the “why’s” behind the drivers of business performance. In addition to benchmarking performance, it helps clients understand how brand health, marketplace factors, country dynamics, and the competitive landscape all impact marketing. It’s the break-through context and perspective that marketers need.

Increase analytics adoption through training

NorthStar Academy is the core of our program that trains analytics professionals to not just embark on effective measurement programs, but to help transform their businesses through measurement.

Let's transform your business.

Analytic Partners can help your business adapt.

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