Commercial Mix Analytics

Breadth and Depth of Analytics with Strategic and Tactical Insights

Why do I need this?

See the forest and the trees with Commercial Mix

Commercial Mix Analytics is Analytic Partners’ proprietary solution that is the foundational analysis of our Unified Measurement offering. At the center of the framework is Commercial Mix Modeling that can be augmented with brand, customer, operational, and touchpoint analytics to provide strategic and tactical results with both granular customer and full business views.

The focus of Commercial Mix Modeling is not limited to measuring how marketing programs perform but can also investigate deeply into granular beyond-marketing drivers and operational factors that contribute to performance outcomes. With Commercial Mix Modeling as the foundation, additional analytic layers can support a full view of the business and deliver a single version of the truth. These additional layers include:

  • Branding & Long-Term Analytics
  • Campaign & Touchpoint Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Operational Analytics

How does it work?

Commercial Mix Analytics is holistic, integrated and multi-dimensional

Unlike traditional Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), which is essentially a model with explicit functional forms, Commercial Mix Analytics is a framework or, in other words, a modeling and decisioning system. This decisioning system is holistic and addresses the full business and by being adaptive, can incorporate multiple dimensions tailored towards key decision lenses. This proprietary method enables multiple views of a business for business impact. As a holistic solution, Commercial Mix is not biased with a media-only or marketing-only view. It provides integrated business, brand, campaign and customer views within a sophisticated framework. By providing a multi-dimensional solution, Commercial Mix Analytics delivers depth and breadth and integrates multiple KPIs, brands, sales channels. This provides full campaign understanding, as well as insights for omnichannel route to market, personas for customer insight and granular details such as geo-spatial / location views.


By blending advanced Machine Learning (ML)/Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques with statistical and econometric models in a holistic and integrated system, supplemented by learning experimentation, Commercial Mix Analytics is the next evolution of business performance measurement.

What makes it effective?

Commercial Mix Analytics address the full business through advanced models

Commercial Mix Analytics can identify strong or weak performance drivers and provide deeper insight by diving into the root causes of that performance. This is done through associating performance driver results with granular details – for example, marketing driver details in areas such as campaign execution, customer segment differentiation, operation factor variation, and long-term impacts. This systematic approach produces deeper and more actionable insights than a strategic MMM, offering tangible and operational activation plans in media optimization, customer targeting, and campaign/channel management. Overcoming the limitations of other solutions, Commercial Mix Analytics is:


  • More granular – by Geography, Store, Channel, and Persona
  • More holistic – goes beyond media and marketing for a full business view
  • More flexible – enables multiple views of data and insight to address a spectrum of strategic & tactical questions
  • More adaptiveintegrated with experimentation, brand, customer, and touchpoint analytics
  • Faster speed to insights – allows for modeling advancements such as always-on Live Models enabling quicker data and model updates

CMM answers questions like:

  • How do non-marketing drivers like competitive data and operational factors affect my ROI?  Commercial Mix Analytics goes beyond marketing drivers and offers a full picture of all the factors influencing your business.

  • What is the impact of non-controllable factors like weather, competition, and the economy? Commercial Mix is holistic and can provide insights into controllable and non-controllable factors in addition to internal and external drivers.

  • What is the most effective way to deploy my marketing budget across channels and tactics? Commercial Mix Models are at the center of our solutions and through our proprietary platform, GPS Enterprise, we offer scenario planning, forecasting and war-gaming to best prepare for a range of outcomes.

  • How much should we invest in online video and how should we allocate across video platform? Through our holistic approach Commercial Mix Analytics delivers depth into individual channels and breadth across channels.

  • What is the best balance for short and long-term marketing investments? By providing a multi-dimensional solution, Commercial Mix can balance multiple KPIs and goals, including long and short term.

  • How can I optimize offers by customer segment? Customer analytics are an integrated part of Commercial Mix Analytics, allowing for deep customer insights, privacy-safe.

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