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Customer Segmentation, Lifetime Value and Customer Franchise Value

Determine meaningful segments and uncover the true value of your customers. We can help you better understand your customers to deliver superior experiences that translate into real business results. Through our GPS Enterprise technology, advanced modeling and machine learning, we can help your business develop deep customer insights while remaining privacy safe. We can help leverage customer analytics to help make data-driven decisions through market segmentation, predictive analytics, and powerful AI/ML technology.

Why do I need this?

Better customer understanding increases shareholder value

A company’s greatest asset is its customers. But identifying your highest value customers is not enough. You need to uncover and understand each distinct segment or persona to deliver tailored experiences and marketing strategies to grow customer lifetime value across your full customer base.

By leveraging the power of sophisticated data analytics, you can strengthen your relationships with your customers. When you monetize and extend those relationships through time, you will increase your customer lifetime value—and this will have an immediate and quantifiable impact on your shareholder value: we call this solution Customer Franchise Value.

How does it work?

Marketing impact quantified across privacy-safe customer segments

Analytic Partners’ advanced modeling leads to enhanced customer segmentation that provides a holistic understanding of the traits, attributes and behaviors that define a brand’s customer base. We leverage advanced statistical modeling techniques and machine learning to segment your customers into meaningful and measurable personas; predicting expected lifetime value of each.

We go beyond traditional customer segmentation and customer lifetime value to uncover the short and long-term franchise value of each marketing lever, enabling brands to optimally allocate investment for both topline growth and long-term shareholder value. By using machine learning and predictive data analytics to gain actionable insights into your relationship with your customers, you can shape the best future for your shareholders, your customers, and your company alike.

What makes it effective?

Better segmentation results in better marketing for both short- and long-term goals

Customer Franchise Value unlocks the power of customer data to deliver significant growth in marketing ROI and long-term shareholder value – not just customer lifetime value. With Customer Franchise Value, you can better understand behavior patterns, target customers with more specific tactics and messaging, and more accurately calculate long term ROIs of marketing tactics. This solution identifies marketing and non-marketing touchpoints that drive the greatest long-term customer value as it provides recommendations to optimize spend.

Armed with advanced customer segments and a privacy-safe methodology these deep insights can help create advertising and promotional plans, support product development and pricing initiatives, and develop tailored customer contact practices. The result? Improved customer experience and increased sales and profit from each segment and your overall customer portfolio.

Enhanced Customer Segmentation, Lifetime Value and Customer Franchise Value answers questions like:

  • What are my customer segments and how are they defined?

  • How many distinct groups do we serve – and how are they different?

  • What customer segments deliver the most revenue and profit?

  • What products and services appeal to which customer segments?

  • Should we focus our efforts on driving more frequency or value per transaction?

    • How can I bridge the gap between shareholder value and customer value?
    • How can I increase the productivity of each of my customer segments?
    • How can I balance short term topline growth with long term strategy within my customer base?
    • Which marketing efforts should I leverage to acquire and retain my most valuable customers?

Customer Analytics as part of a Commercial Mix Analytics framework

Customer analytics such as Customer Segmentation, Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Franchise Value are an important part of a holstic Commercial Mix Analytics Framework. With Commercial Mix Modeling at its center, Commercial Mix Analytics incorporates brand, customer, operational, and touchpoint analytics for strategic and tactical results both granular customer and full business views. This can allow businesses to uncover the true value of long-term brand and customer metrics. Through our unique methodology and technology, we can deliver granular, holistic insights that are privacy-safe.

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