Integrated Brand Impact

Optimize your performance based on brand metrics.

Why do I need this?

Short and long-term brand impact must be weighed together

Building brand health and positively influencing brand attributes are an important part of long-term success for any company. Marketers often view long-term brand health and short-term marketing ROI in silos when in fact Analytic Partners sees how synergistic they are.


How does it work?

We manage KPIs and brand tracking for you

As a business, you are probably managing multiple KPIs across a portfolio of brands and regions. Analytic Partners can simplify the process by ingesting brand tracking data and implementing and executing brand measurement on the client’s behalf.

What makes it effective?

Tools help balance and manage multiple branding KPIs

Our Integrated Brand Impact solution uses proprietary tools to optimize across brands and KPIs to forecast results. We then help marketers adapt their media and messaging to the KPI most important at the time.

Integrated Brand Impact answers questions like:

  • How do brand campaigns drive ROI?

  • What do long-term brand metrics mean for the bottom line?

  • What messages most impact specific consumer perceptions?

  • How does advertising affect the brand?

  • How do I quantify brand impact in terms of sales?

  • Which brand metrics are leading indicators of sales?

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