Pricing Strategy

Understand risks & opportunities.

Why do I need it?

Pricing is one of a marketer’s most crucial decisions

Pricing can work against a brand as easily as it can work for it. The key is to understand the tradeoffs between pricing options available and how to structure price for the brand or portfolio accordingly. Analytic Partners’ comprehensive pricing framework reveals pricing opportunities and risks.

How does it work?

Modeling assesses price sensitivity and opportunities

We use sophisticated modeling to assess consumers’ sensitivity to pricing within the context of your marketing and other marketplace elements. We then properly isolate the true response to your pricing mechanisms.

What makes it different?

Our price optimization tool makes it easy

Results are delivered through our price optimization tool that analyzes different strategies and scenarios for further opportunities.

Pricing strategy services answer questions like:

  • How should different segments and brands in a portfolio be strategically priced to drive growth?

  • Are their opportunities to optimize every day and promotional price points to maintain volume yet drive profitable growth?

  • What is the importance of a brand’s price gap vs. key competitors and how should this impact pricing guidelines?

  • What are the most important price thresholds and the best approach to cross them?

  • What is the right balance between promotion, depth of discount, and number of promotional events?

  • How will a price increase affect revenue, volume, penetration and buy rate?

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