Promotional Effectiveness

Maximize your promotion ROI.

Promotions can be expensive, and their performance must be understood and executed well to achieve goals

Analytic Partners applies sophisticated quantitative techniques to evaluate all the promotion elements of your shopper marketing – price discounts, coupons, online offers, special packs, incentives, displays, packaging, special events, loyalty rewards, promotional interest rates, etc., to understand their effect on business performance and promotion ROI.


Our Promotional Effectiveness analysis goes beyond immediate sales impact to understand longer-term implications, including future cannibalization, portfolio cannibalization and promotion profitability. We perform in-depth analysis of the promotion mix, including factors like the impact of creative, variance of price levels, the combination of different promotions, and the performance of event-based promotions.


Analytic Partners’ promotion effectiveness analysis will also assess the synergy benefits across your promotion activities and media elements to provide you with insights on promotion timing. These promotion analytics include insights such as optimal number of promotions per year, ROI by promotion type, sales trade-offs between types of promotions, and the contribution of promotions to total portfolio performance.

Promotion Effectiveness for Retail (Brick & Mortar and eCommerce)

Our approach to promotional analysis involves a strong partnership with the retailer/account teams to align on planning and strategy, and to develop key questions that will have the most actionability with the retailer. The insights identified by Analytic Partners feed directly into sales stories, and provide profitable action steps that benefit both your business, as well as the retailer. With a clear understanding of how to structure your promotional strategy, we will provide you with hard facts that will improve your promotional plans for market impact, enhanced ROI, and increased profitability.


Armed with the important facts and insights about promotion performance, you will be able to improve promotion effectiveness, make better decisions about promotion resource allocation, enhance promotion planning, and ultimately improve promotion ROI.

We Answer Your Questions

  • Which promotion strategies and tactics drive the greatest ROI for my business?

    • Should I re-allocate promotions between types for greater sales and profit impact?
    • How do my promotional events compare across products? Across markets?
    • Do my promotions cannibalize future sales?
    • Should I promote more or less often?
    • What is the optimal level of discount for my promotions?

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