ROI Genome

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ROI Genome

Understand and quantify the drivers of success

For the past 20 years, Analytic Partners has worked with clients across the globe in every major industry and has gained deep insights and valuable perspectives related to our clients’ markets, relevant challenges and clarity on what drives performance and why. Leveraging these insights, Analytic Partners developed a powerful solution that uncovers best practices for marketing success: ROI Genome. Using this solution, Analytic Partners provides ground-breaking insights that uncover the “why’s” behind the drivers of business performance.


By quantifying how a wide array of factors such as synergies, brand attributes, marketplace changes, regional dynamics, and the competitive landscape, impact marketing,  ROI Genome provides actionable and contextual perspective for our clients.


ROI Genome provides best-in-class marketing performance benchmarks, best practices for maximizing marketing effectiveness, and many other forms of valuable perspective. ROI Genome is also leveraged for forecasting/planning, including activities that have not yet been measured e.g. if a business has never leveraged streaming radio, ROI Genome can provide insight as to how it may perform given the industry, country and brand profile attributes.

Thought Leadership

ROI Genome Reports

Our latest research and industry insights are regularly shared in the form of ROI Genome Marketing Intelligence Reports that aim to educate the marketplace on important trends and perspectives to better understand the factors that affect business success for offline and online marketing.

ROI Genome answers questions like:

  • Why is my ROI higher or lower than other comparable businesses?

  • Is my marketing ROI affected by product & brand characteristics, country environment, consumer attitudes and/or other attributes?

  • How do these factors impact TV versus digital versus promotion ROI?

  • Penetration in the category is low – what does that mean for ROI?

  • How much can I expect my TV ROI to increase if I improve copy quality and/or flighting?

  • I’ve never done podcast advertising – based on my brand attributes what can I expect for my ROI? How will it compare to my other drivers?

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