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Why do I need this?

Unified Measurement to optimize your full business.

Understanding what drives business success is more complex and challenging than ever. Most measurement solutions stop at an aggregate level with limited ability for granular, actionable insight. Analytic Partners has always gone deeper and now provides an even more complete solution: Commercial Mix Models. By connecting strategic and tactical, customer and business lenses, Commercial Mix Models become the foundation for Analytic Partners’ solution for Unified Commercial Decisioning.


Unified Marketing Measurement, or Unified Marketing Impact Analytics (UMIA) used to be limited to top-down Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) combined with bottom-up Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) to optimize media mix, but this approach is problematic and limited. Unified MMM+MTA alone does not meet the accelerated needs of marketers to deliver granular, actionable results or create powerful connections with their customers and drive growth in the new reality of data deprecation.


Brands need a more robust adaptive, and future proofed solution. Our approach to Unified Marketing Measurement, Commercial Decisioning, overcomes the types of challenges listed above and will evolve brands’ measurement capabilities and deliver growth. Our solution is not a top-down/bottom-up approach, but instead an adaptive multi-level and multi-dimensional solution: Commercial Mix Analytics.

What is it / how does it work?

Unify strategic and tactical measurement for consistent business insights.

Unified Measurement integrates strategic measurement with tactical analyses while taking into account both business and customer lenses, for a holistic view of your business. It results in consistent insights that reveal the incremental impact of spend across all drivers and media types. Rather than disparate results, you’ll get one version of the truth. We validate and gain deeper insights through our models by leveraging experimental approaches and Agile Learning.


Built upon the foundation of Commercial Mix Modeling with proprietary algorithms and technology through GPS Enterprise, and intelligence from ROI Genome, Agile Learning goes beyond traditional test/control comparisons to capture and quantify current complexities, measure multiple KPIs and better deal with bias and contamination. Actionable insights feed back into your holistic commercial mix model and unified measurement framework to forecast expansion of tested strategies.

What makes this effective?

Unified Measurement includes all factors that impact business performance

We’ve proven that Unified Measurement and Commercial Decisioning can isolate and identify the drivers of performance, whether they are marketplace changes like gas prices or specific media factors that can be optimized. Unified Measurement also adds nuance to the analyses by showing how multiple factors interact.


Unified Measurement with Commercial Mix Analytics goes beyond traditional Unified Measurement by rejecting the top-down/bottom-up framework of MMM+MTA for a more robust and accurate, multi-dimensional, multi-layered approach. Our approach to Unified Measurement goes beyond marketing, to look at the full business, and is powered by our Unified Commercial Decisioning system. An evolution in measurement, Commercial Mix Analytics is holistic and multi-faceted, blending the best scientific methods, including statistical and ML/AI methods powered with deep intelligence, to deliver on the need for forward-looking insights, delivered with agility, speed and scale.

Unified Measurement answers questions like:

    • How can I take the guesswork out of spending allocations for online and offline media? Unified Measurement is multi-dimensional, and can optimize across media, but offline and online, while taking into account the full business and drivers.
    • How can I assess broadscale media tactics alongside consumer touchpoint data? Unified Measurement is made possible through Commercial Mix Analytics that has the ability to provide insights at strategic and tactical lenses and through customer, brand, operational and touchpoint levels.
    • What is the incremental impact of adding a new tactic to my marketing mix? Unified Measurement can provide a holistic picture of your marketing and media mix, leveraging ROI Genome intelligence to provide insights where historic data is lacking.
    • How can I best adapt to market changes like weather and economic challenges? Holistic Unified Measurement includes marketing and non-marketing data, as well as controllable and non-controllable drivers – like weather. GPS Enterprise can help determine and forecast weather-based demand as part of a unified measurement framework.
    • What is my promotional effectiveness? Do my promotions cannibalize future sales? By being multidimensional, our Unified Measurement framework allows for the balancing of multiple goals and KPIs so that brands can understand both short-term and long-term impacts.

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