Develop a holistic view of your business.

Why do I need this?

Measure and optimize your business at a granular level.

Understanding what drives business success is more complex and challenging than ever. Most measurement solutions stop at an aggregate level with limited ability for granular, actionable insight. Analytic Partners has always gone deeper and now provides an even more complete solution: Commercial Mix Models. By connecting strategic and tactical, customer and business lenses, Commercial Mix Models become the foundation for Unified Measurement.

What is it / how does it work?

Integrate strategic and tactical measurement for consistent business insights.

Unified Measurement integrates strategic measurement with tactical analyses while taking into account both business and customer lenses, for a holistic view of your business. It results in consistent insights that reveal the incremental impact of spend across all media types. Rather than disparate results, you’ll get one version of the truth. We validate and gain deeper insights with all models with experimental approaches and Agile Learning.

What makes this effective?

All factors that impact business performance are included.

We’ve proven that Unified Measurement can isolate and identify the drivers of performance, whether they are marketplace changes like gas prices or specific media factors that can be optimized. Unified Measurement also adds nuance to the analyses by showing how multiple factors interact.

Unified Measurement answers questions like:

  • How can I take the guesswork out of spending allocations for online and offline media?

  • How can I assess broadscale media tactics alongside consumer touchpoint data?

  • What is the incremental impact of adding a new tactic to my marketing mix?

  • How can I best adapt to market changes like weather and economic challenges?

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