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A Talk with the Team: Celebrating International Women’s Day

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analytic partners 03.09.2020

With the celebration of International Women’s Day yesterday, there has never been a better time to examine and celebrate the progress being made toward a more equitable world. At Analytic Partners, we’re proud to move the data and analytics industry forward not only in the work we do, but also in the culture we embody and represent as a woman-owned company with a balanced workforce.


We’re aware that there are still barriers discouraging women and other demographics from entering in the field of data, and other fields considered to be “male-dominated”. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating an environment where everyone is welcome, and talent and hard work are recognized above all other factors, for both women and men. As CEO Nancy Smith has said, “the best qualities in people really shine through when dynamic business ecosystems create opportunities for them to stretch and strengthen their capabilities”.


At its core, International Women’s Day is about just that: opportunities. As we celebrate the social economic, cultural and political achievements of women – achievements that came about through opportunities and the courage to take them – we asked the women and men of the Analytic Partners team what International Women’s Day means to them.


The Women Who Have Inspired Our Team


When we asked which women had a particularly positive influence on their lives, the answered varied, but many adjectives stood out: Resilient. Understanding. Honest. Loving. Inspiring. Dedicated. And so many more.


“We live in times where a woman can become a CEO, president and chancellor, and I am thankful for every woman who fought for that. One of my true heroes was my grandma. She had lost everything in WWII […] and still managed to keep the family together and remain a wonderfully caring, forgiving and positive woman.” – Marketing Executive, Dublin


“Apart from my mother and my wife, Michelle Obama.” – Sr. Analyst, Dublin


“My mother. Growing up, my dad stayed at home to take care of me and my siblings, so as I became older, I watched and strove to replicate her work ethic, drive and motivation.” – Associate Analyst, Charlottesville


“A woman I call my hero is my grandmother […] She migrated to New York from Puerto Rico in the 1950s, working a factory job while supporting her three daughters as a single mother. She helped raise me and my sister, always teaching us to be kind.” – Office Manager, New York City


The Women Who Have Made a Difference in the Workplace


“My manager at my very first corporate internship had a huge hand in shaping who I am as a professional today – from email etiquette to work ethic to professional mannerisms, she was an amazing mentor.” – Sr. Analyst, New York City


“One who stands out is the President of International at a past company: inspiring, collaborative, empowering, acknowledging her insecurities [all with] a wicked sense of humor. She taught me the value and strength of being just me at work, pushing away corporate clichés.” – Sr. Director, Paris


“A past project manager I worked with – the definition of compassionate, honest, and direct. She became a very dear friend and formidable woman in my life. She really helped me accept my sensitivity as a professional strength and not a burden.” – Product Marketing Manager, New York City


“The best answer to this is, I have been lucky to work with great people (especially in AP) who have had a great influence on me. All because, they were people, not men or women.” – Sr. Analyst, Dublin


The Advice We’d Share


Whether you are still finding your way in the industry or sitting in a corner office, we want to share a few flash quotes from our global workforce to encourage and empower everyone who is on this journey:


  • Be yourself and enjoy the ride!
  • Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Just do it.
  • Feel free to speak up when you have an idea. Don't allow an alpha presence to stop you.
  • Always be curious!
  • Be thorough and ask questions. The more you learn in the beginning, the faster you will be able to adapt to the continuously changing space.
  • Ask all the questions, even the "dumb" questions! Odds are, it isn't dumb and you aren't the only one with that same question. Asking even the "dumb" questions means you are listening, engaged, and that something needs more clarification. Asking questions makes you smarter!
  • If you have ever looked at a news story that uses a phony statistic and thought “hmm that's a bit weird”, then data analytics is for you.
  • Just learn as much as you can!
  • In any industry [like data analytics], it can be tough to try and prove yourself among the competition. However, never doubt the talents you bring to the table and always remember, the sky is the limit!
  • Have confidence in your own strengths.
  • Data knows no gender.
  • We need more people collaborating and less stereotyping. Stereotypes are for buying personas in analytics, not real human beings.


As a data and analytics company, we look at the reasons behind why things are happening, how they are interacting and what would make them more efficient in the future. Is this variable driving growth? Why is it driving growth? How is it interacting with other variables? What other data points can we take into consideration? Will it impact A if we adjust B?


Data will create a story out of answers and results, and it’s up to us to judge those results based on accuracy. Not based on pre-conceived notions, or whether or not the answer matches our “idea” of the right answer.

At Analytic Partners, we feel this is true for the person in front of the data as well. We believe that the work someone does should speak for itself – it’s up to us to listen.


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