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Applying Commercial Intelligence to Drive Business Value

Axelle Le Marec
Axelle Le Marec 08.17.2023

In today's rapidly changing landscape, brands face the challenge of adapting to constant flux. Embracing change has become the new norm. To thrive, brands must shift their focus from measuring historical marketing performance to creating genuine value. This requires obtaining quicker and more detailed insights that not only represent past events but also provide guidance for future actions. Commercial Intelligence helps in navigating the complexity of today's business environment. It represents a novel approach to decision-making, encompassing the entire commercial landscape through our advanced solution known as Commercial Analytics.

From our latest white paper, here is how our customers have utilized Commercial Analytics to generate valuable Commercial Intelligence, empowering them to enhance their decision-making processes.

1. Adaptative decisioning to better understand long-term impact on brand

Our customer, a global financial services organization, was struggling to measure their marketing campaigns. They wanted to be able to quantify the long-term impact on their brand, how other non-marketing drivers influenced customer acquisition and retention, as well as adjust their plans to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape.

Using Commercial Analytics, they analyzed the impacts of operations, customer experience, and external economic factors which gave them a complete picture of all business drivers. In addition, they could finally see the real return on their marketing investment, figure out which channels worked best for acquiring customers, and understand what influenced their most valuable customers’ purchase decisions.

Ultimately, this provided them with a flexible framework for making decisions, both at the big picture and day-to-day level. By using Analytic Partners’ Commercial Decisioning Platform, they were able to weigh the risks and opportunities of different campaign and activities, helping them decide on programs that increased acquiring new customers or keeping the existing ones happy, and balancing short-term activities with long-term brand building.

This new way of making decisions achieved cross-functional buy-in from the C-suite and created an extra $75 million in incremental value without additional spend.


2. Omnichannel decisioning for a customer-focused view of the business

Another customer, a national retailer, was faced with fierce competition. They wanted to build out their omnichannel strategy, but their existing methods for measuring results, like MTA, Last Click Attribution, Media Mix Modelling (MMM), and internal experiments, were siloed and left them paralyzed without knowing what to do. They were looking for a single source of truth and actionable insights.

Commercial Analytics provided them with a customer-focused view of their business. They looked at all the possible factors driving their sales, across online-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. Media, CRM, promotions, operations, and external factors like weather, consumer trends, and economic impacts were taken into consideration to uncover what had the biggest influence. The analysis uncovered a wealth of insights from their customer data, which was harnessed to optimize their Customer Lifetime Value.

After introducing the results to relevant stakeholders, they started optimizing their spend based on the season and several other factors – competition, media costs, other external factors – to drive sales across all channels.

By gaining Commercial Intelligence and optimizing their omnichannel decisions, they gained an additional $120 million in incremental value.


3. Always-on decisioning for better portfolio allocation decisions

A consumer goods business was facing challenges with their diverse range of different marketing measurement solutions they had implemented for tracking marketing return on investment. These solutions provided inconsistent, short-term, backward-looking reports, failing to accommodate the growing complexity of their business and the increasing importance of emerging sales channels. The company sought a solution that could deliver ongoing insights for both immediate and future decision-making.

Commercial Analytics addressed their needs by providing a globally consistent approach while offering tailored insights for various brand and portfolio stakeholders at the national, regional, and global levels. This comprehensive understanding included both short and long-term business drivers.

The adoption of the framework helped them create a unified taxonomy and uncovered in-depth insights that could be applied across multiple markets and brands. The solution enabled continuous forecasting and optimization, facilitating portfolio allocation decisions, balancing short and long-term objectives, and even strategizing for competitive scenarios.

With Commercial Analytics facilitating always-on decision-making, the company achieved a remarkable global incremental value of +$225 million.


Behind every confident decision is a marketer with Commercial Intelligence

Commercial Intelligence empowers brands to generate greater value and revolutionize their decision-making processes, ultimately leading to improved performance and sustainable growth.

By enabling our customers with Commercial Intelligence for the past 23 years, we’ve helped them generate incremental value of more than $6 billion in 2022 alone. Download our white paper to learn more about Commercial Intelligence.