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The Challenges Ahead – and the Commercial Decisioning Platform to Keep You on Top

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analytic partners 03.02.2023

There’s no doubt that businesses everywhere are expecting more economic fluctuations, budget pressures and constrained consumer spending.   


Just like our customers, we’re constantly innovating and improving our Commercial Decisioning Platform, GPS-E, to best serve your ever-changing needs. Here’s our take on the key issues for marketers, how our platform is evolving to address the current challenges, and the opportunities ahead. 


Defending marketing and media budgets 

The future might be uncertain. But instead of hunkering down, slashing marketing spend and waiting out the storm, marketers have a huge opportunity. Marketing teams are now at a critical point: adoption of their analytics can have an incremental impact on business growth. 


Got a CFO on the hunt for budget cuts? GPS-E perfectly combines both a strategic view and detailed analysis of your business and the impact of your marketing plans. Whether for annual budget planning, quarterly reviews, or on-going adjustments, there’s always-on access to insights to protect your budget.  


First, GPS-E provides big picture recommendations to quickly assess and guide overall budget changes. Total response curves provide a strategic visual representation of total budget risks and opportunities for that critical, topline guidance. Then, marketers can dig deeper to view recommendations for both cross-channel and granular activities within channel shifts to maximize the full potential across multiple KPIs – analyzing all your investments in one centralized platform in the context of multiple objectives. We know that budgeting decisions today have ramifications for your business in the short and long-term too, so here are the scenarios to prove it. 



Navigating uncertainty 

Big-picture planning is important, but marketers’ success also depends on their ability to get deep into what’s actually driving growth performance, and what specific programs to continue to invest in. If you have multiple platforms or messages running at once, which is performing better? Which has the most impact on your overall bottom line? What marketing, promotional, or operational adjustments can you make to impact sales and growth for your brand? Using GPS-E, brands can test and be confident about their plans to navigate through uncertainty. 


Running a social media campaign at the same time across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter? We’ve added innovations to our adaptive modeling capabilities that quickly and seamlessly tease apart contributions from individual drivers. This measures multiple formats and platforms running simultaneously to truly understand what’s driving performance as the marketplace, data, and strategies get more complex. Where channels may be executed similarly (for example, campaigns on YouTube and Linear TV), advanced visualizations can quickly detect these relationships to view and separate which factors are impacting your growth. In turn, this gives you the confidence needed to act on the right insights. 


Navigating uncertainty also means mitigating risks, and our integrated test and learn capability was built to guide you through that. Conduct Agile Learning tests at a faster rate with our step-by-step workflow to set up tailored experiments on operational, promotional, or marketing strategies. This guides brands through the process of designing experiments, testing hypotheses, and reducing bias and contamination for a true representation of a test’s impact. This mitigates budget risks by allowing brands to test, assess, and action on strategy changes to grow their business with results that are credible and trustworthy.  



Future Proofing 

We have 23 years of proprietary knowledge and industry expertise to draw on that fuels our platform and helps brands deliver on future growth. ROI Genome provides best-in-class market intelligence, trends, best practices, and intelligent benchmarks to guide users through the full analytics journey from data to decisioning. ROI Genome’s collective intelligence surfaces reference points, white space opportunities, scalability factors, and additional perspective for brands. With this additional intelligence and guidance that brands can’t get anywhere else, marketers can be confident in a platform that is backed by decades of research and expertise. 



Built upon ROI Genome intelligence, our Commercial Analytics Solution provides recommendations automatically to brands to guide decision-making and optimal allocation of investments. This is particularly powerful during the endless scenarios that teams need to run to pressure-test different strategies, quantify the impact of changes, and understand their business.  


To achieve this, GPS-E now provides step by step guides on what to do next. When marketers login to the GPS-E platform, proactive planning has already built relevant scenarios for them and considers all outside influences and internal constraints, identifying new opportunities to create value for their business. It’s a new superpower; it will continuously adjust to market changes and bring new ideas to the table for your team. 


Brands are also being challenged to react quickly, dive deeper into analytics, and stay on top of changes to business strategy and marketplace. We continue to enhance our adaptive, flexible, multi-dimensional platform to enable brands to quickly pivot and drill into various dimensions of the business. This allows them to understand deeper learnings and opportunities within specific stores, geographies, segments, and personas as the needs of the business and dynamics of the marketplace change. This flexibility allows brands to react at speed and scale to stay ahead of these changes and keep their fingers on the pulse.  


When every cent counts, and ROI is under scrutiny, marketers need certainty about investing in the right commercial decisioning platform. Tailoring your spend to the optimum stage of the funnel at every point is critical, and only data can tell you where the sweet spot between brand and performance marketing sits for your business. 


GPS-E gives you real-time insights, multiple scenario planning capabilities, and decisioning that work across every channel that matters, giving you an invaluable roadmap for whatever’s ahead.