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The Buy-In: Fostering Success Through Analytics Adoption

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analytic partners 03.07.2022

The ability to evolve strategy in real time is table stakes in today’s changing environment. In an ideal world, a strong analytics program allows organizations to proactively shift spend and maximize ROI without friction to achieve success.


The reality? Organizational adoption of analytics and cross-departmental buy-in can be a major hurdle for business leaders looking to implement new programs. Having the ability to make data-driven decisions in real time is critical, but the path to getting there can be rocky.


We recently sat down with Hilton to discuss those challenges and more. From fostering the adoption of data-driven decisioning to taking action on insights delivered via the commercial mix framework, Hilton is evolving in real time. Whether you’re an established brand with multiple layers of approval processes or smaller, more nimble organization, Hilton’s story offers valuable insights into finding success with analytics as a north star.


What It Takes

How does a large brand like Hilton get such a successful analytics program in place? It comes down to collaboration. Hear directly from Jen Benkarski, Director of Marketing Performance & Insights, about how she worked to foster cross-departmental buy-in:


The Value of Real-Time Insights

After gaining initial buy-in, the value of any analytics program needs to prove itself – not just to those close to the program, but also to those outside of the department. A program that offers agility and real-time insights is highly valuable at this stage, because changes to campaigns and updates to strategy can be made as elements are being deployed, rather than waiting until 6 months later to find out how a campaign worked. Rebecca Panico, Sr. Director of Global Media Strategy & Planning, gave an example of just how valuable real-time insights are, not only for the decisioning process, but also for organizational adoption:


Bringing it All Together

A smart analytics program can bring together disparate data points and metrics to create one holistic picture of organizational performance – from media strategy to short and long-term ROI. By being able to present one single version of the truth, business leaders are better set up to both foster organizational adoption of analytics and make better, faster decisions that will lead to organizational success, as Hilton found:


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