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Modern Challenges Require a Measurement Evolution

analytic partners
analytic partners 08.05.2020

Quantifying what contributes to business performance, including accurately attributing the impact of marketing spend, has challenged brands for decades. Marketing mix modeling is seen in modern times as backward looking, slow, media-focused, not granular enough and unable to capture the complexity of today’s marketing. Other measurement approaches such as experimental design and multi-touch attribution (MTA) can address many of the granularity issues of marketing mix, but both solutions only provide a partial, oftentimes biased view. In fact, the shortcomings of MTA are only getting worse.


In the latest white paper from Analytic Partners, “Commercial Mix Modeling: Measurement Evolved”, we take a deep dive into the proprietary decisioning system we’ve developed to solve the challenges of today’s modern measurement: Commercial Mix Modeling (CMM).


Commercial Mix Modeling is a major advancement in measurement across three major areas:

The blending of advanced Machine Learning (ML)/Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques with statistical and econometric models: As part of a holistic system, supplemented by learning experimentation, this blending informs each model development with the insights gained from the other. Touch Point Analytics, integrated within CMM, exemplifies the benefits of this innovation.


A holistic and integrated system for actionability: CMM is powered and directed by our proprietary analytic engine that supports unlimited dimensions and a range of intelligent modeling algorithms to address both strategic and tactical decisions through a customer and full-business lens.


Integrated experiments for clarity amid uncertainty: Integrated experiments complement and further empower CMM by enabling an adaptive feedback loop of insights for decisioning. This framework is leveraged to validate recommendations, test hypotheses, explore new strategies or tactics and identify untapped opportunities.


With detailed explanations of the innovations behind CMM, along with case studies examining applications in the real world, our latest white paper delivers an in-depth look at what is lacking in measurement today, and why CMM provides a much-needed evolution.


Download your copy of “Commercial Mix Modeling: Measurement Evolved”.


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