Analytic Partners Introduces Unmatched Speed in Scenario Planning To Transform Decision-Making Amid Economic Uncertainty

MIAMI, FL – September 13, 2022 - Analytic Partners, the leader in commercial mix analytics, announced enhancements to its GPS-E Platform that will accelerate brands’ ability to quickly make crucial decisions on adapting to new opportunities and risks to meet their business goals, even in an uncertain economic environment.


With increased fuel prices, high inflation, and a looming recession, alongside the long-term supply chain impact of Covid, brands will now be able to adjust business assumptions on the fly to reflect the reality of today’s difficult and complex economic conditions. Using the GPS-E platform, brands can re-run and optimize their plans to accommodate these dramatic shifts, with recommendations ready in minutes, rather than days.


Rising costs have challenged brands to offset revenue gaps. However, increased pricing may not always provide the answer. Rather, brands need to seek greater efficiencies and improved results by investing in different marketing and media mixes. Analytic Partners helps brands optimize in real-time for multiple KPIs, including sales and new customers, in the context of marketing and macroeconomic metrics.


The speed and scalability of the GPS-E platform—now enhanced with improvements that provide increased granularity and improved analytics—empowers marketers with the confidence to make bold decisions and pivot quickly by immediately identifying tactics that are high or low performing.

GPS-E improvements will enable richer solution capabilities alongside existing use cases including:

  • Increased speed of multi-dimensional analysis: Richer proprietary algorithms that turn around multiple scenarios with multiple external factors (consumer price index, gas prices, unemployment, category trends, stock market indices, home prices, interest rates, mortgage rates) and varied objectives in minutes in Analytics Partners’ self-serve platform.
  • Enhanced execution-level insights: Harness richer, tactical, and placement-level  recommendations for day-to-day decision-making and scale within a      cookieless future.
  • Proactive planning with collective intelligence: Enrich analysis and planning with metadata from previous economic downtowns.
  • Integrated brand health metrics for short-term and long-term impact on KPIs: Gain access to enhanced brand health metrics to measure the impact of brand marketing activities today and in the future.
  • Pricing analytics for optimal advertising mix: Optimize media and advertising  spend to offset inflation pricing changes.
  • Privacy-safe data for future-proofing: Ensure marketing measurement and optimization programs meet data regulatory requirements.


“While cuts are never ideal, for marketers who need to maximize remaining budgets and protect ROI, it is essential to evaluate all potential scenarios at a speed that matches market changes.  Evaluating all potential scenarios across metrics including consumer price index changes, lead generation effectiveness or ROI vs. spending by using the enhanced GPS-E will ensure no stone is unturned in providing speed, context and confidence in decision making,” explains Chief Science Officer at Analytic Partners, Hong Jin. “There are so many holistic and granular levers to adjust to offset a recession, and this will help our clients to better, and more quickly, assess which ones to pull.”


Analytic Partners’ proprietary algorithms and end-to-end platform enable brands to go from an analytical historical report card - to actionable context, to proactively forecast, budget, and optimize business plans using a forward-looking, multi-dimensional analysis.


Analytic Partners is attending Adweek Brandweek Miami (Sept. 12-16) and ANA Measurement and Accountability Conference (Sept. 14-16) to help businesses navigate a potential economic downturn, and come out the other side thriving. Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more: