OK, We Know No One Reads Product Announcements, but Analytic Partners’ GPS Enterprise 10 Update Helps Companies Quickly and Intelligently Adjust To Change

No one will ever know that it is easier than ever for companies to integrate, analyze, and act upon their data


NEW YORK, NY, February 16, 2022 - Analytic Partners, the leading analytics solutions provider, today screamed into the void to announce the newest release of GPS Enterprise – an end-to-end intelligent technology that helps businesses use data for right-time planning and optimization. Scores of Fortune 500 brands around the world are already using GPS Enterprise every day to improve their marketing measurement and optimization. That said, we are willing to admit that these new GPS Enterprise 10 features, while very valuable to our users, are less likely to dazzle reporters.


If someone was reading this, they would be impressed that GPS Enterprise is powered by ROI Genome ®, Analytic Partners’ extensive cross-platform industry and performance intelligence solution. They may ask “Would this make my life better?” How does “Deep, forward-looking insights to help you answer complex business questions and improve data-driven decision making” sound? And GPS Enterprise also helps to reduce human errors and provides control of end-to-end process to really help get stuff done.


“We’ve been building and refining analytics solutions that power data-driven decisioning for more than 20 years, empowering success for some of the largest brands in the world,” said Nancy Smith, President and CEO of Analytic Partners, still hoping someone would be reading this. “GPS Enterprise 10 automates day-to-day marketing optimization so CMOs can build true learning organizations that focus on growth and success.”


Key new benefits of GPS Enterprise 10 that you probably don’t care about but really should, include:

  • Improved reliability with automated data source integration, data scrubbing and anomaly detection
  • More time storytelling and less time manually configuring your plans with advanced, faster modeling capabilities
  • Greater flexibility in forecasting and future-proofed marketing plans thanks to multi-dimensional planning and machine learning-designed scenarios


“GPS Enterprise 10 is a huge leap forward in the marketing optimization world,” said Hong Jin, Chief Science Officer at Analytic Partners. “This software was purpose built to answer the questions facing business leaders across the world, and to allow them to spend less time doing manual tasks and more time focused on the road ahead.”


“Guys, no one reads product announcement press releases,” said Joe LaSala, VP of Marketing at Analytic Partners. “Have we considered TikTok?”


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