Analytic Partners Named Inaugural Partner for Marketing Mix Modeling Launch Within Roku Measurement Partner Program

Partnership will enhance media coverage by adding Connected TV and expedite insights for customers


Analytic Partners, the leading cloud-based, managed software platform dedicated to helping global customers assess marketing spend effectiveness and optimize future allocations, today announced it is an inaugural partner for Marketing Mix Modeling in the Roku Measurement Partner Program.


This latest partnership with Roku, which pioneered streaming TV, reflects Analytic Partners’ continued progress building out a robust network of partnerships to enhance its Commercial Mix Analytics offer, enabling expanded coverage of media channels and expediting world-class insights for customers. Analytic Partners’ Commercial Mix Analytics – with non-PII data inputs sourced directly through key partners – enables businesses to have a more holistic view to answer key business questions and drive better marketing strategy, investment insights, and optimization as the marketing ecosystem and privacy regulations evolve.


“Analytic Partners is thrilled to be an inaugural partner for Marketing Mix Modeling in the Roku Measurement Partner program,” said Susan Tillou, SVP and Global Head of Partnerships at Analytic Partners.  “Connected TV accounts for an increasingly greater share of total TV viewing, but this viewing is increasingly fragmented.  With Roku’s wide adoption and the combined reach of Roku Direct and OneView to 60 million active accounts and 170 million+ US adults, Analytic Partners can leverage scale and speed as we turn data into expertise for our customers. Expedited insights and a holistic view across all media and marketing drivers enables our customers to quickly evaluate ROI to better adapt, evolve and thrive.”


Read more about the partnership in the Digiday exclusive.

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