Marketing Week Panel Discussion: The Greatest Charts of All Time

What is truly driving marketing effectiveness and what can brands do to stay ahead of the curve? In a recent panel discussion in partnership with Marketing Week, Kevin O’Farrell and Justine O’Neill discussed the Top 5 insights from our 20 Insights for 20 Years e-book with our guests Agata Sobzcak, Global Media Data and Analytics Manager Galderma, and Rupesh Patel, Senior Manager Consumer Insights at Samsung UK. The two brand experts shared valuable insights from their experience and what difference leveraging data & analytics has made throughout their analytics journey. You can watch a short recap of the full 45-minute session here:


Agitate, be clear and have all the facts


The panelists kicked off the discussion with Mark Ritson’s favourite insight of all times: “Layer for Synergies”, and how it is affecting any marketing and measurement strategy. Bothism is as relevant as ever and needs to be actively pursued within an organisation to succeed on the outside.


The group continued with the importance of leveraging the Halo Effect for brands with a large product portfolio, an insights that is easily forgotten within complex organisational structures. The key takeaway for any marketer was that consumers experience a brand as a whole and not in siloed campaigns.


The insight of Brand Messaging led to a lively discussion on capturing attention and short-term sales while still communicating on brand. Linking back to Bothism and complex organisational structures, the panelists went all in to this ROI Genome insight and what it means for marketers in real life.


In the end, an insights that is often forgotten when discussing data and marketing measurement was put on the spot: Creative is Key and can make all the difference in the effectiveness of a campaign. Our ROI Genome is supporting this insights with an interesting stat on how executional and creative elements are influencing ROIs respectively.


You can watch the full recording here to learn more about how Galderma and Samsung leveraged data and analytics to inform and guide their brand’s decisions. What makes analytic insights so important for them and any other brand? When they “agitate, are clearly communicated and have all the facts readily available for all stakeholders” (Rupesh) they are invaluable to future success!

The Greatest Charts of all Times.

Watch the full recording of the panel discussion.

Watch the full recording